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EduPad – Collaborative real-time document editing

Do you want to work together with others on


project plans,

publications, or

other documents

in a higher education and research environment?

But not all of your team can be present at the same time or location?

Maybe even across organisations?

Then EduPad is for you.

Based on the EtherPad technology developed by AppJet, recently acquired by Google, and operated by University of Konstanz, you can easily and openly work together on all kinds of documents, with integrated real-time chat.

Creation of new pads is limited to members of organisations of higher education or research, but everyone can then collaborate without restrictions. If your organisation is not yet included, apply to Marcel Waldvogel

  • brainstormings,
  • project plans,
  • publications, or
  • just any kind of text document

for your education or research projects? Not all of your students/team can be present at the same time or location? Even if they can, you want them to work together at any time? Maybe even across organisations?

Then EduPad is for you!


Great! Just click here to create your own Pad now (or create a Pad with your name) and start sharing!

Secure Group Collaboration with EduPad

Are you part of a group which would like to collaborate on multiple documents, over a longer period of time, or more securely? Then we can set up a "pro pad", a collection of pads, reachable only using password-protected and encrypted links. Please contact support@uni-konstanz.de by email or on the phone to have such a group workspace set up and learn how to manage it.


EduPad is based on the EtherPad technology developed by AppJet, recently acquired by Google, and operated by University of Konstanz

  • Shared editor for concurrent editing of text documents by multiple users
  • Real-time update of all changes, with color highlighting of each users' activities
  • Automatic, immediate saving of your editing steps; never lose data again
  • Go back in time and see all changes to the document
  • Replay the entire document creation process

How to use EduPad

If you are at the University of Konstanz or any of the other institutions of higher education in the state of Baden-Württemberg you can just click here to create a new pad and start sharing immediately. Once the pad has been created, anyone world-wide can collaborate with you on that new pad, once you have given them the address of your document, as we want you to be able to collaborate openly with anyone anywhere. Just the initial creation of pads has limited access to reduce abuse.

During collaboration, you should change your name by clicking on the the name box (see picture), entering your name, and hitting Return. You can also change the color in which your edits and chats appear by clicking on the color swatch left of your name.


To share your pad with others, just send them a mail with the URL of your pad, i.e. the one starting with edupad.uni-konstanz.de and ending in a cryptic character sequence. Only with this cryptic character sequence, you will be able to access your document, so do not lose it! (Recommendation: bookmark it) Anyone knowing this address can read and write your pad. If you want someone to have read-only access, a click on the Time Slider button allows you to obtain links to specific versions of the document and read-only links.


The disk icon (save button), the "saved revisions" button and the time slider allow you to work with revisions:

  • Bookmarking
  • Accessing
  • Viewing
  • Replaying

Other institutions of higher education

If you like EduPad and would like to create your own pads for research and education, please contactMarcel.Waldvogel@uni-konstanz.de for more information and options.

Advanced Options

If you would like to create a Pad with a special name, enter it below

Title Characters outside A-Z, a-z, or 0-9 will be converted to a dash (-)
Random To avoid anyone guessing your Pad's name, add a short random string