The IT Service Centre

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  1. FolderOur Offers 
    1. PageWorkstations Our free accessable computer pools, print & scan stations.
    2. PageBaWü Notebook III Low-priced business notebook for employees.
    3. PageBaWü PC Low-price desktop computer for employees.
    4. FolderSoftware Software purchasing for employees, freeware and open source products for all.
    5. FolderWebhosting The university webserver hosts pages for facilities and chairs.
      1. PageCMS 
  2. FolderIT Services 
    1. PageBackup Automatic backup of your files.
    2. FolderCMS Content Management System for your webpage.
    3. PageProject management Manage your projects online.
    4. PageVideo Conferences Our fully-equipped conference room with video technology.
    5. PageCertificates Security certificates of the university.
    6. PageThe Shibboleth Authentication and Authorisation Service Free access to miscellaneous national and international research services.